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Our affiliate partners are critical to helping us spread the iVUE Camera Glasses revolution to consumers around the world. We appreciate the time and resources our affiliates invest in spreading the awesome iVUE Camera experience with those they influence. In return, iVUE Camera is committed to consistently develop and deliver innovative video recording products that capture consumer interest and bring in higher revenues and more commisions for you!

iVUE Authorized Affiliate Program

To inquire about our affiliate program and get extra info, please send an email to: You can also call our us at (208) 557-1982.

How it Works

Becoming an affiliate is great for YouTubers or anyone wanting to promote the iVUE brand. With our easy set up, you can register at the link below and get your own affiliate account. From there, you can access your account page and get your own links to iVUE product pages. With our affiliate program, your sales are automatically tracked and payment can be sent directly to your PayPal account. We offer 12% on any sale that you capture through your affiliate link. To get started as an affiliate click the “Join Us!” button below to get started!

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