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Rock Climbing Techniques For First Time Climbers

Rock Climbing is an exciting and an adventurous sport. It's a great way to get outdoors and exercise to improve your fitness levels. If you are just an amateur, you need to know important safety rules for this extreme physical sport.

Rock climbing is one sport gaining much popularity these days! If you too have been hit by a rock climbing wave, you must learn the fundamentals of the sport well as it requires a lot of safety precautions and excellent physical health before venturing out.

It is imperative to know that the more fit you are, the safer your climb will be. Wrists, hands, shoulders and elbows are the areas that are most vulnerable to injuries due to carelessness and over-exertion of the body. Work on balance and overall strength and not on building large muscle groups. Build your heart rate and work on finger strength.

First time climbers should develop a routine of intense work-out by stretching or a ten minute warm-up to loosen up muscles. Beginners can practice indoor rock climbing on the walls that contain crannies and hooks giving a feel of a real rocky terrain. It provides a safe and secure environment. You can learn about it common techniques online like how to select the right gear, learn about ropes and knot tying, and learn the terminologies that are used so you can talk like a climber.

A climber needs to be physically and mentally prepared for this activity. Rock climbing requires concentration, alertness and problem solving skills. Like every other sport it teaches you self-discipline.

You should take a technical training from an expert who can teach various Rock climbing techniques like you how to shift your weight and how to use your arms for balancing. Rock climbing is a passion not just a sport.

Also having the right kind of rock climbing gear is essential. Some of the basic items that are required in rock climbing include rock climbing shoes, a helmet, chalk and a bag. You can start by renting a climbing gear which is normally cheap, and allows you to learn how the gear works and what kind of gear you might want to buy if you really start enjoying the sport.


Author: Davis Walker

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