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10 Destinations Extreme Athletes Need To Visit

Grab your iVUEs and head out on an extreme adventure. Here are 10 Destinations every extreme athlete needs to visit before they die. There is a place for everyone to get out of their comfort zone. Don't have a pair of awesome recording glasses to film the whole experience? | Pick some up @ ivuecamera.com | #iVUE #CameraGlasses #Adventure


1. Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah
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Moab’s got every form of recreation you can imagine, but nothing tops its mountain biking and BASE jumping. The area is home to MILES UPON MILES of off-roading terrain — red rock landscapes with the western Rockies as a backdrop. BASE jumping is also legal in tons of areas around Moab, and people travel from all over the world to jump off of red rock arches and canyons. Imagine free-falling over a gorgeous Martian landscape!

2. Haute Route, Switzerland & France

Haute Route, Switzerland & France

Jonathan Fox / CC BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: jfdervin

Jonathan Fox / CC BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: jfdervin


The most strenuous yet amazing summer hike ever: a 112-mile route that takes you from western France to Switzerland through the center of the Alps. On foot or on skis, you’ll pass through 10 of the 12 highest peaks in the Alps, cross high passes of over 9,000 feet, and encounter several small alpine villages.

3. Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii
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Maui is the windiest of all the Hawaiian Islands, which makes it the perfect spot for windsurfing. In fact, it’s colloquially known as the windsurfing capital of the world. Trade winds peak from May through October, and surfers occasionally find themselves riding next to whales!

4. Zhangjiajie, China

Zhangjiajie, China
China Daily / Reuters

China Daily / Reuters

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China may not be the first place people think of when they think “extreme sports,” but that needs to change. Zhangjiajie is home to unique, jutting mountain ranges that are PERFECT for aerial adventure sports, like wingsuit flying and slacklining. Jump or set up your line from the peak of a mountain spire, and find yourself suspended above lush green valleys below. This is heaven for adventure junkies.

5. The Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

The Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico
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Known for its crystal clear water and breathtaking formations, the Yucatán is the go-to spot for cave diving. Adventurers will discover the two longest (known) underwater cave systems in the world, as well as a variety of creatures that you won’t find anywhere else. Cave diving is all about exploring the bellies of caves that are beyond the reach of natural sunlight, so this one definitely isn’t for the faint of heart.

6. Calgary, Canada

Calgary, Canada
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The gateway to the Canadian Rockies!! Calgary is the perfect destination for winter sports — skiing, snowboarding, hockey, luge, dogsledding, and more. The snow is pure powder, the mountains stretch in every direction, and the entire area is basically a playground for anyone who’s into extreme adventures.

7. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand
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Phuket is the definition of paradise, which is why so many tourists love this region. Good winds all year long make the area a top destination for kitesurfing enthusiasts. Winds are strongest from June through August, making for the smoothest and wildest rides.

8. Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon
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A gem in the Pacific Northwest. Bend has rivers to kayak, rock surfaces to climb, lakes to swim in, and forests so green you’ll see red for days afterwards. Come here for the rapids that cut through the Cascades — the best place to enjoy some quality whitewater rafting and kayaking.

9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Few things are as thrilling as hang gliding and paragliding over Rio. The starting points are platforms on the lush green mountains around Rio. Once you jump off, you’ll glide over a city of over 6 million people with the sea and mountains in every direction before landing on the beach. Where ELSE can you do something like that?

10. And Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

And Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
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Situated on the Zambezi River and forming the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls is a sight of sheer beauty. It’s also the site of the highest commercial bungee jump in the world. For the ultimate adrenaline rush, take a leap off the 111-metre high bridge, and be sure to take in the scenery on the way down.


Happy Adventuring!

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