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We really enjoy hearing from our customers. If you are having a problem with your order or product, we will fix your problem immediately. Our customer service is open Monday-Friday, 8-5 MST.

Address: 5 West 1st South, Rexburg, ID, United States
Phone: (208) 557 9460
Email: info@ivuecamera.com
iVUE has made it their goal to provide the highest quality HD camera glasses on the market. We are focusing our efforts on video and sound quality, product design and convenience. Recording your view in clear, crisp video has never been easier! No more frustrating mounts to deal with, just put your glasses on and press record! Customer satisfaction is also extremely important to us here at iVUE. Each product we produce is designed with our customers in mind. Questions or comments about our products? We'd love for you to contact us directly! 
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