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How to Properly Tilt the Rincon Lens

How to Remove & Install Rincon Lenses

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the indicator lights mean?

The Rincon uses indicator lights to help you know when you’re recording, what mode you are in, etc. The indicator lights are found on the left inner arm of the Rincon near the temple.

Indicator Lights:
1. Standby: Solid blue (1080P) or green (720P)
2. Power off: No light
3. 1080P video recording: Blue flashing, flashes fast when low battery
4. 720P video recording: Green flashing, flashes fast when low battery
5. Memory full: Blue and green flashing fast
6. Low Battery: Blue and green flashing fast
7. Charging: Solid red
8. Battery fully charged: Red turns off
9. USB storage mode: Blue flashing (connected your computer)
10. WiFi on: Orange flashing 11. WiFi connected: Solid orange

How to Wi-Fi pair to the iOS Android App?

A. Power on the Rincon and enter standby mode
B. Press the WiFi button located on the rubber cover on the left arm of the Rincon
C. The Rincon will vibrate to indicate that WiFi is turned on (to turn off WiFi, press the button again)
D. An orange light will flash to indicate that the Rincon is emitting a WiFi signal
E. Go to your iOS/Android devices WiFi settings and connect to the “Rincon” WiFi network. If prompted, please enter the default WiFi password 12345678
F. Wait until your iOS/Android device is connected
G. Open the iVUE Rincon app (for details about the app, see the App Overview Section)

How to record video?

The power button is on the rubber cover on the left arm of the Rincon. Videos are recorded in 5, 15, or 30 minute files lengths depending on your settings. Each time you start/stop recording, a new video file is created. Make sure a micro SD card is inserted before recording.

1. To turn on, press the power button; the Rincon will vibrate twice
2. A flashing blue or green light will show indicating that recording has started (blue=1080P, green=720P)
3. The light will continue to flash during recording

1. Press the power button
2. The Rincon will vibrate, stop recording, and enter standby mode
3. To stop recording and turn off, press and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds. It will give a long vibration and power off; all files will be saved.

How to change video resolution?

This section outlines how to change the video resolution using the buttons on the Rincon. You can also change the resolution by using the iOS/Android app.
1. Enter standby mode
2. The default resolution is 1080P @ 30fps and is indicated by a blue light
3. To change the resolution, press and hold the WiFi button until you feel a vibration
4. The light will now show green to indicate the resolution was changed to 720P @ 60fps
5. Repeat these steps to switch resolutions

Troubleshooting tips

We pride ourselves on our customer service and we are always available to help you if you have issues with your device. Please feel free to contact our customer service AFTER following these steps below.

If the Rincon freezes, won’t turn on, or becomes unresponsive, we recommend resetting them. This will restore the settings back to the manufacturer defaults and reset the internal software, it will NOT delete any recordings.
1. The reset button is located under the rubber cover on the left arm of the Rincon; directly under the wording “reset” on the outside of the rubber cover
2. Using a pin, paperclip, or similar object; insert into the reset button hole; press and hold for 3 seconds and release
3. The reset is now complete


SymptomPossible CausesSolution
Won’t power onLow Battery or frozen deviceRecharge battery or Reset, then power on again
Auto shut-off while recordingLow Battery, Full MemoryRecharge battery, Remove files from microSD card or insert new one
Auto Shuts down right after startLow Battery, Full Memory, No or misplaced micro SD cardRecharge battery, Remove files from microSD card, Properly insert micro SD card
Not recognized on PC when connectedUSB cable failure, no sd card inserted, glasses are on when plugging in, PC Bios disabledReplace USB cable, insert microSD, turn glasses off before plugging in, make sure PC USB is enabled
Charging and inserting a micro SD card

The Rincon does not come fully charged and we suggest you charge it for 4-6 hours when before you use it for the first time. A full charge is typically 4-6 hours. For best results: Insure the Rincon is powered off during charging. To access the charging port, lift the rubber cover on the left arm of the glasses. Warning: Do not charge device for more than 12 hours.
1. Power off the Rincon
2. Connect the Rincon to a USB wall plug
3. A green/blue and a red light will show; the green/ blue light will turn off after 3 minutes (memory card inserted) or after 10 seconds (no memory card inserted)
4. The red light will show during charging and power off when fully charged

To access the SD card slot, lift the rubber cover on the left arm of the glasses. For best results, we recommend a class 10 micro SD card. The Rincon supports up to a 128GB SD card. (purchased separately)
1. Power off the Rincon
2. Lift the cover on the left arm of the Rincon
3. Insert a micro SD card into the slot until you feel it click into place
4. The slot is spring loaded; to remove the card, push it down until you feel it release

Finding & downloading the Android / iOS App

Visit the Google Play or the Apple App store and search “iVUE Rincon” to download the app. The Rincon can wirelessly connect to your iOS/Android device; please see section Wi-Fi Pairing for instructions. The functions of the app will only work when your iOS/Android device is paired with the Rincon.

How to take photos?

There are 2 ways to take photos outlined below. By default, the Rincon will take one photo at a time, but you can set it to take a burst of photos. Burst settings can be found in the iOS/Android app.

1. During recording, quickly press the power button twice
2. The Rincon will vibrate once; a green and blue light will display when a photo is taken
3. After the photo is taken, it will vibrate twice and return to the video recording mode

1. Quickly press the power button twice to take a photo
2. After the photo is taken, it will return to standby mode and be ready to take another photo
3. To return to video recording, press the power button once

How to view & playback your recordings?

You can transfer/playback your recordings on a computer or within the iOS/Android app. If you have trouble getting videos to play on your computer, we HIGHLY recommend downloading VLC Player.

1. With an sd card insert and powered off, plug the Rincon into your computer using the supplied USB cable
2. They will mount as a removable drive; open the drive
3. Locate and open the DCIM folder; then open the MOVIE or PHOTO folder
4. Transfer the files onto your computer; then open the files to view/playback

1. Remove the SD card
 from the Rincon
2. Put the sd card into a card reader/adapter and insert it into your computer
3. Open the drive that appears on your computer
4. Open the DCIM folder; then open the MOVIE or PHOTO folder
5. Transfer the files onto your computer; then open the files to view/playback

1. Install the iVUE Rincon app on your iOS/Android device and connect the Rincon (see WiFi pairing & app overview)
2. Open the app and navigate to the VIEW MEDIA (located at the bottom of the app)
3. VIEW MEDIA shows files contained on the SD card of the Rincon (SD CARD MEDIA) and files that have been transferred onto your iOS/Android Device (SAVED MEDIA)
4. Navigate to SD CARD MEDIA; select files and transfer them into SAVED MEDIA
5. Navigate to SAVED MEDIA; view, select, or save/share the files

How to change the time/date stamp?

You can change the time/date settings using a MAC/ Windows. This can also be changed using the iOS/ Android app.

A. With an sd card inserted and powered off, plug the Rincon into your computer using the supplied USB cable
B. They will mount as a removable drive; open the drive; locate and open the “SETTING.TXT” file
C. Locate the DATE_STAMP line, change the number after the equal sign to “1” to enable time/date stamp or “0” to disable it
D. Locate the TIME_SET line and change the the time/date; the format is YYYY.MM.DD HH:MM:SS (Feb. 28, 2019 4:34PM would display as 2019.02.28 04:34:00)
E. Change the “N” (located in front of the time/date numbers) to a “Y” for your changes to be saved
F. Save the “SETTING.TXT” file and unplug the Rincon; the next time you record a video, your new settings will take effect


Orders placed by 3pm EST ship the same day. International shipping is also available; see shipping page.

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